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We are so delighted that you have found us! 

Our line of dresses is based on bringing happiness, peace and love to little girls and mothers, as well as grandmothers.

The relationship between mothers and daughters, as well as granddaughters and grandmothers, is an important part of life. Sometimes love can be past on through fashion which speaks its own language. My mother was an orphan child from the "Shoah" ,and therefore she had many challenges to overcome. It was difficult for her to express love, since she had to repress her own feelings as a child. She decided to pass on her motherly love through fashion. 

Our dress line is simple and fun, nothing to complicated here ! Our most popular and now a classic, is the "Twirly dress" whereby we created a pattern from two full circles. One circle for the front and one for the back of the skirt which makes this dress very twirl-able.  The bodies of the dress is cut very creatively, so your little girl can wear the V-cut or bodice overlap either to be the back or the front of the dress.  We thought, since little girls like to dress themselves, it can't be wrong, no matter which way your child will wear the dress. Your little girl will easily decide which way she wants to wear the dress.

The majority of the fabrics that we use, are high quality “dead stock” fabrics, each hand picked left over form manufactures, instead of ordered new from a mill. We like to prevent waste and pollution. Our pieces are limited in stock because of the quantity of yards found. We don’t always know the exact content of the fabrics that we use, but with more then 20 years of fabric shopping, we manage to find the highest quality possibly.  the patterns in the fabric, vary from solids to colorful prints. We started this line in Malibu California, and we produce the dress line in small bunches in Los Angeles. The twirly skirts is always perfect no matter what print the dress is fashioned in.

You can find us at many pop up shows around the city. We like to carefully listen and pay attention to our customers suggestions. We notice the love and excitement every little girl expresses when wearing our dress line. 


Thank you for supporting MM

with Love

Brigitt Goldman

Owner & Creative Director




Our motto is: “sharing is caring” when you purchase we donate to orphan children around the world 

In memory of my mother “Elise” who was an orphan child 💗 and  survivor of the “Shoah”

simply care 💗🙏


I am an Ambassador for OVI children’s hospital and orphanage In Kenya Africa

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